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  • Rich Stefani - Bought Palos Verdes & Sold Hermosa Beach

    "John Hunter recently helped me (Spring/Summer 2020) with a purchase in the Palos Verdes area, and is helping me with a pending sale in Hermosa Beach. I had not worked with him before, but over the last 10 years, John had checked in with me from time to time in a thoughtful manner to see if I was interested in new properties. Once I decided to sell my house, I selected him to be my agent, even though I have several friends in the real estate industry. He is an honest man full of integrity--this is a necessity when buying/selling properties. The process was easy and he helped walk me through it every step of the way. His knowledge of the South Bay area was outstanding. A complete professional, he was responsive on texts and phone calls, and provided great recommendations on areas to check and consider. I whole-heartedly recommend him for both buying and selling your home. I will work with John Hunter again in the future."

  • Ernie & Kristi - Sold in Redondo Beach & Bought in Dana Point

    John approached us in Redondo Beach about a year ago with an unsolicited market analysis of our home and area. We had only live in our house for 3 year with our young family and we weren't really thinking about selling. After some back and forth and eventually testing the market at a price we were comfortable moving for. John had our house sold in 10 days at almost asking price. Since our home sold so fast, we had to scramble to find a new home. John helped us find our next home in Dana Point, CA in one weekend. This all came together very quick for us and was very stressful, John helped us through the process in a precise and professional manner from start to finish.

    I highly recommend John for your real estate needs as he is highly knowledgeable of the south bay market, will work hard to market and sell your home. He is also a great resource for mortgage questions and issues, as he has experience in the mortgage world.

  • Scott - Bought Redondo Beach & Sold Westchester

    John helped us find and buy as well as list and sell our old house. He was extremely helpful and very responsive, With his background in mortgages and lending, he was also extremely helpful when it came to making an offer on the new house, and deciphering the offers on the old house. This was very beneficial when it came to comparing offers and making counter offers.

  • Ameet & Danielle - Manhattan Beach

    Realtors are everywhere but none are as good as John.

    We met John 10+ years ago when he was a mortgage banker. His hands off approach, vast knowledge of loans and real estate plus always being available if/when we needed him is what won us over. It started as just a lending relationship but evolved over the years. When John started his real estate brokerage, The Real Estate Hunter, we were thrilled because we knew he would be the one we use on our next transaction(s). When we finally outgrew our home, we needed to buy a larger home but we needed to sell this one before we could buy our next one. One call to John was all it took. He helped us navigate the various lenders/loans and ultimately secured us our home loan. Once done, we listed our home in Redondo Beach and bought one in Manhattan Beach. Without John’s knowledge of the lending arena and his contacts here in the Southbay, we KNOW we couldn’t have accomplished what we did.

    Thank you John! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

  • Tim & Misty - The Right Agent...used him twice so far!

    We met John at an open house and after talking to about 4 other agents we clicked with him right away. He met us as soon as we called him to review a plan to purchase a new home. He helped connect us with someone to help with our credit, helped us find good financing and helped us get into a beautiful home right in our budget. Feels like you are working with someone you have know for a long time and will definitely call him when we look to buy again and or sell.

  • Ian & Amy - Sold Two of Our Homes - Hermosa & Redondo

    If you’re looking for an agent that will work hard for you and truly do everything possible to make your deal work, then John Hunter is the person you want to talk to. We were won over by his integrity, commitment, professionalism, can do attitude, and friendly personality. He seems like someone you’ve know for a long and we always felt comfortable asking him questions and trusted that he would steer us in the right way.

    John sold two houses for us. Our house in Hermosa Beach sold off market in under two weeks and our Redondo Beach one sold in three. We had a great experience from beginning to end and recommend him highly.

  • Alyssa - Kudos!

    Nothing but Kudos for this realtor! Fair, Equitable, Ethical are just a few words to describe John. He helped sell my home as part of a divorce and remained neutral and fair to all parties during a very stressful situation which he handled very professionally. John gave me tips on how to prepare my home for a quick sale, which I heeded and we were in escrow within a week! You’d be hard pressed to find a better realtor. John is my realtor for life!

  • Anthony & Christina - Great Realtor!

    John was a great realtor!! He was attentive to our needs and preformed his due diligence in finding us our perfect property. John made sure we were informed during the whole process and made the process as pleasant as possible. He was very knowledgeable about the area and the activity of the current real estate. I would definitely recommend John Hunter for your real estate needs

  • Lia - Virtual Reality & Multiple Offers

    John is a passionate, innovative and hard-working real estate professional. His experience in using specialty marketing tools allowed my home to be virtually seen by many potential buyers and multi-offers submitted practically before the house even went on the market . He was creative in using social media as well as in communicating and negotiating with his peers. He used a one-of-a kind special photography firm that allowed potential buyers to virtually stand and walk through my house without having to be physically there. He went through the steps that I was to expect, arrived on time and worked longer hours as needed. Ultimately, the multi offers were submitted above selling price. I was absolutely elated!

  • Bill & Suzanne - Multiple Offers & Patience

    It has been an excellent experience working with John Hunter on the sale of our home.

    We met John a few years ago while he was walking door-to-door on our street. He asked if and when we might be interested in selling our home. We indicated that we were not ready at the time but would probably look to sell in 3 to 5 years. He offered to send a home evaluation, which we accepted. We got the evaluation and several more via his emails throughout the approximately 5 years, which made us think of him when we decided it was time to sell.

    John is never pushy and provides a wealth of knowledge on real estate and mortgages. It was this knowledge and his excellent communication skills that made us decide to use John, and we are glad we did. We listed our house and had several offers within 5 days, we only had one open house. John went over each of the offers and explained the good things as well as the bad things in the offers. We settled on a particular offer after one round of counter offers. It is great to say that our home sold quickly and with minimal back and forth with the buyer’s and buyer’s agent.

    We are extremely happy with the work that John performed to get our house sold so quickly. We feel the quick sale was correlated to the pre-marketing tools and strategies that John utilized. We would highly recommend John if you are interested in making any real estate transaction.

  • Sandra - Professional Communication

    John Hunter is the consummate professional. He is knowledgeable in his field and takes the time explain procedures and processes to his clients. He is always on top of everything and responds quickly to inquiries. In addition, where others may falter in performing as they should, he is quick to assist in remediating any issues. There is not another agent I would trust with such an important transaction other than John

  • Joel & Mindy - One Stop Shop!

    One stop shop!

    We met John a few years ago while he was helping sell our condo. From the beginning when we first met my wife and I both felt like we have known him for years. John has a way of making you comfortable and takes on all the stress involved in the business at hand We went back to John a couple months ago and after telling him we wanted to purchase a house it was like someone lit a fire under him. Not only was John able to be the broker he handled the loan as well. We felt like we were the only people in the universe as he was focused on finding exactly what we wanted. We made an offer on one house and then several things came up that John saw and put on the breaks as they were not in our best interest. After hearing everything John said we walked away and thank god we did. I can’t even begin to list all that was wrong with that house. Soon after we found another which was and is perfect for us. We made an offer and it was accepted. John went over every item of this house and then some. Once the inspection was completed some how John was able to get the sellers to repair everything. When it came time to finalize and sign loan documents we could of gone without the escrow people as John went over everything to ensure we understood and were comfortable.

    If you want to work with someone you can trust, someone you know has your best interest, John is the one. You will not regret the decision.

  • Mary - Hermosa Beach - Out of Town - Sold!

    John did a wonderful job in helping me market and sell a property in the Hermosa Beach area, even though I was 3000 miles away. He communicates effectively and is prompt to respond and answer any questions. He always had my best interests in mind and he was very discerning of prospective buyers. John is an exceptional real estate broker and I would highly recommend him without any hesitation whatsoever!! He’s amazing!!!

  • Donny & Laura - Westchester - Long Journey

    We’ve had a long journey with John! We met him at an open house up the street 4 years ago and really loved his personality and his candor. At that time we weren’t ready to sell our home, but we definitely knew we would be selling in the future so he stopped by to check out our home and all the work my father-in-law had done to give us some feedback on everything.

    Over the 4 years, John kept in touch with us and would send updates on the market and homes that have sold in our area. Then when we got the news that we were being transferred for my husband's job, we called him and let him know we were finally selling and wanted him to help with the whole process.

    He knew that selling this home was really emotional as this was our first home, and he was kind and communicated with us the whole time. When we needed to hear the truth, he (tactfully) told us his thoughts and past experiences and what he would suggest. We had never sold a home before so everything was a first for us, and he was a great guide.

    If you’re in the market for a great Realtor, I highly recommend John!


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We are here 24/7 to assist you with your home buying and selling needs from start to finish.


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